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Próximas ediciones para la banda japonesa de Death/Doom Metal Coffins:

Split with Disgrace(Fin) - 5"CD (A Pile Of Dirt) (available soon)
Artwork by Eric Engelmann
Disgrace's song will be early 90's unreleased track.

Split with Sourvein - 7"EP (Forcefield Records) (not available yet)
Artwork by Brian Van Der Pol

"Ancient Torture ~Singles 2005-2009~" - CD (Deepsend Records) (available soon)
Artwork by Mark Riddick

"Sewage Sludgecore Treatment" - 12" (Haunted Hotel) (not available yet)
"Sewage Sludgecore Treatment" - Cassette (Night Birds) (not available yet)
Artwork by Viral Graphics
Cover album with songs of Eyehategod, Buzzov•en, Grief, Iron Monkey and Noothgrush.

Split 7" - Coffins/Hooded Menace (Doomentia)
Split 7" - Coffins/Warhammer (Break The Chains)
CD/LP - "tba" 4th full-length album (20 Buck Spin)
CD - "tba" mini album (Bones Brigade)
Split 12" - Coffins/Anatomia/Grudge 3way (Haunted Hotel)

Ediciones recientes:
"Sacrifice To Evil Spirit" - LP (Grind Block Records)
Split with XXX Maniak - 12" (Haunted Hotel)
Split with Stormcrow - 12" (20 Buck Spin)

Escuchando... Grotesque Messiah (Coffins)

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