miércoles, diciembre 31, 2008

Rockcore Top 2008

La lista de los mejores 20 discos del año (por colaborador) de la web de Rockcore.

La mía aparece bajo el nombre de BuddyBradley.

Escuchando... The Love Song of Gotho, Hunchback of the Morgue (Hooded Menace)

lunes, diciembre 29, 2008


Escuchando... Suspended In Dusk (Type O Negative)

sábado, diciembre 27, 2008

jueves, diciembre 25, 2008

Ben Frost

Enlace: BenFrostIsDead.com

Escuchando... The God Supreme (Funeral Mist)

martes, diciembre 23, 2008

Feliz MicroNavidad

Escuchando... Phantasmagoria (Cathedral)

domingo, diciembre 21, 2008


Página web: ArtCoup.com

Escuchando... Indomitable Fist Of Decius (Impiety)

viernes, diciembre 19, 2008

Piano & Stump

The Austrasian Goat - Piano & Stump - 2xLP

French one-man project The Austrasian Goat will compile old cd-r and 7”-tracks on Piano & Stump for a double vinyl album out now on Roadburn Records side-label Burning World Records (home to Machinefabriek, Gnaw Their Tongues and Universe217). Included are also some news songs that TAG recorded in the autumn of 2008.

Earlier praise for The Austrasian Goat:

“Named after a now-obscure Dark Ages territory once existing in Central Europe, France’s one-man doom act The Austrasian Goat delivers some seriously haunting and murky blackened ritual musik on his outstanding debut full-length. The creeping filthy guitar lines and cavernous plodding drums are accented nicely by beautifully subtle swaths of keyboard ambience and sole-member Julien Louvet’s rasped shriek, all coming together to create a simply crushing piece album.

Para comprar: SeñorHernandez.com/TheAustrasianGoat


Escuchando... I Hate The Human Race (The Austrasian Goat)

miércoles, diciembre 17, 2008

Anal Cunt - Live in the USA

Escuchando... Legion of Doom (Carnivore)

lunes, diciembre 15, 2008

4th Khanate album

The long lost 4th KHANATE album "Clean Hands Go Foul" will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the "Capture & Release" album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.

LP Hydra Head December 2008
Picture LP Trust No One December 2008
Japanese papersleeve CD Daymare January 2009
Digipak CD with bonus Capture & Release live DVD Hydra Head February 2009
Digital download Hydra Head February 2009

[Picture LP]

Listado de temas:
1. Wings From Spine (6:47)
2. Clean My Heart (11:05)
3. In That Corner (9:13)
4. Every God Damn Thing (8:53)


Escuchando... Civitate Dei - Ondskans Hov (Heresi)

sábado, diciembre 13, 2008

Carteles terroríficos

200 carteles de películas de terror.

Parte 1 & parte 2.

Visto en A Best Truth.

Escuchando... Obscure Mortification (Mandatory)

jueves, diciembre 11, 2008

...the Curse

HOODED MENACE - Fulfill the Curse - 2LP Pre-order

2LP (180g vinyls) / gatefold - artwork coated on ultraheavy cardboard
coloured vinyls - Black with white haze
silk-screened printing on hand-made paper with Putrid's artwork - numbered and signed by artist himself
limited to 100 copies
price 26EUR + shipping

2LP (180g vinyls) / gatefold - artwork coated on ultraheavy cardboard
black vinyls
limited to 200 copies
price 20EUR + shipping


Escuchando... Laboratory of Nightmares (Hooded Menace)

martes, diciembre 09, 2008


Decoración del estudio de diseño:

Serie completa: Zzek.si/3fs.jpg
Página web: Zek.si

Escuchando... At Night They Rise from Below the Earth (Faustcoven)

viernes, diciembre 05, 2008


Enlace: MySpace.com/FuneralFrench

Escuchando... Sterilization [Procreation Denied] (Revenge)

lunes, diciembre 01, 2008

James Nachtwey

Wikipedia.org/James Nachtwey

Escuchando... Warrior Woman (Jex Thoth)

sábado, noviembre 29, 2008

Logos musicales, vol. 6

Escuchando... Death Cantata (Ofermod)

jueves, noviembre 27, 2008

Rockcore Radio

Desde el miércoles día 26 de Noviembre comienza en el portal musical de NewNoiseRadio la primera temporara de Radio Rockcore. Un programa que se emitirá cada quince días. Miércoles sí, miércoles no.

La orientación del programa estará encaminada a ofrecer un reflejo de la música aparecida en la página web de Rockcore, que este mismo 2008 cumple 5 años online.


Escuchando... Suomi (Jardin De La Croix)

martes, noviembre 25, 2008

Black Columns Of Ice

Klaxon Records has put up an online journal BLACK COLUMNS of ICE. Here you can find critical words about contemporary Black Metal and also news/interviews from Klaxon and the related bands.

About Black Columns

Black Columns of Ice is a web journal about the collision of life and death. The exultation of life and the dread of death. The relief of death and the anxiety of being a living thing all at once. And how this has come to represent a musical form and how this musical form is represented again in the media. It is a way of keeping track of mirrors and counting reflections.

Página web: KlaxonRecords.WordPress.com

Escuchando... When Anti-Humanity Flourishes (Unearthly Trance)

domingo, noviembre 23, 2008

Socar Myles

Página web: Gorblimey.com

Escuchando... Grave Signal (Wreck of the Hesperus)

viernes, noviembre 21, 2008

Turbonegro Go Native

From the reality show Den Store Reisen (The Big Journey) on NRK, in which some Norwegian families are shipped off to the jungles of Indonesia to live with primitive Mentawai tribe. In this episode a li'l CULTURAL EXCHANGE...

Escuchando... Whispering Gloom (Worship)

martes, noviembre 18, 2008


Enlace: MySpace.com/PutridGoreArt

Escuchando... Laboratory Of Nightmares (Hooded Menace)