lunes, mayo 31, 2010


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jueves, mayo 27, 2010

Fistula & Coffins

FISTULA - Goat - MCD Digipack

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COFFINS - Sacrifice to Evil Spirit - 12"

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martes, mayo 25, 2010

Anatomia + Offal

Split 7'' EP is coming out soon on No Posers Please! this time we are splitting with Offal, horror-obsessed old-skull death metal from Brazil, and our song is entitled "Merciless Torment". cover artwork by Ragnar Persson!

No Posers Please!.com

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domingo, mayo 23, 2010


Página web: Garmonique's Photostream

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miércoles, mayo 19, 2010


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lunes, mayo 17, 2010


Web con fragmentos de audio que aparecen en el programa "Alguna Pregunta Més?" (APM?) de TV3.

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Canal YouTube del APM?:

Escuchando... Full Moon Over Schlagen (Gonkulator)

sábado, mayo 15, 2010

Vincent Fournier

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Escuchando... First Reign (Ocean)

jueves, mayo 13, 2010

Death by Advertising

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Escuchando... Hangover (Warchetype)

martes, mayo 11, 2010

Daniel Higgs

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Escuchando... Roses (Harvey Milk)

domingo, mayo 09, 2010

Lewis Manchu

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Escuchando... Goodnight Moon (Shivaree)

viernes, mayo 07, 2010

Denouncement Pyre

As a seed spewed forth from the mouth of the abyss... DENOUNCEMENT PYRE has tread the path of the fallen angel from 2003, growing in strength ever since. Finally the long awaited full length "World Cremation", will be unleashed this year, following on from the previous mini-album, EP's & demo's, yet far exceeding all past efforts. Featuring 8 tracks of primitive Black Death metal, the album charges forth with a darker & more focused approach than all past releases. Venturing further into the realm of the lawless gods, where the flesh is torn from your master... and existence is conquered, not bowed to!

Join or Suffer...




In 2010 Hells Headbangers Records will unleash the first DENOUNCEMENT PYRE full-length album, "World Cremation". Featuring 8 tracks of primitive Black Death metal, the album charges forth with a darker & more focused approach than ever before. This is a definite statement in the heretic evolution.

The album will be released on CD & gatefold LP, plus a limited edition digipack CD version and a coloured vinyl version w/ patch + poster.

1) Black Womb of Magdalene
2) The Flesh of thy Master
3) Purification
4) Coven of Diabolical Prophecies
5) Engulfed Temples
6) Salvation, the fading light
7) A Banner Drenched in Blood
8) Invination of Poison


Escuchando... Desde Las Entrañas (Retrosatan)

miércoles, mayo 05, 2010

Greg Staples

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Escuchando... Born Under A Bad Sign (Raw Nerve)

lunes, mayo 03, 2010

EPs para Machetazo & Dishammer

Nuevo diseño tanto de página web como de MySpace para Machetazo aprovechando la próxima publicación de un EP: "Necrocovered".

· Digipack MCD: Living Dead Society
· 10" vinyl: Parasitic Records

Pre-pedidos disponibles para la versión en MCD: Aquí.

Por su parte, Dishammer editarán un EP titulado "Under The Sign Of D-Beat" a través de Armageddon Records (filial de Obliteration Records) el 6 de Junio.

Escuchando... Intolerance (Sanguis Imperem)