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Warning: Zombies

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Escuchando... Seres Ancestrales (Perversor)

miércoles, enero 28, 2009

Vintage Addiction

DISHAMMER - Vintage Addiction - LP

OUT NOW! Comes in a noble Gatefold cover with UV spot gloss, heavy printed inner sleeve & large 18" x 24" (45.72 cm X 60.96 cm) poster of the perverted cover artwork.

*DIE HARD EDITION* (111 hand-numbered copies): on white vinyl with circular embroidered patch of the album cover.

A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory & GBH are being blasted in the background! Played by members from other established underground bands.

Preview songs from the album on their HHR profile HERE.


Más información sobre la banda aquí.

Escuchando... Exterminate The Parasite (Dishammer)

lunes, enero 26, 2009

Rafal Kruszyk

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Escuchando... Dead Rednecks (Mammoth Grinder)

sábado, enero 24, 2009


Deathevokation / Graveyard - Split - 7″ [ANTI-GOTH 115 ]

GRAVEYARD Finally, after their acclaimed MCD “Into the Mausoleum” released back in 2008, spanish Death Metal masters GRAVEYARD are back with brand new stuff!. Waiting for his debut full length, soon to be released, the Spaniards join the Nuclear War Now! Horde and release a Split vinyl together with the amazing german/American Death Metal combo DEATHEVOKATION. GRAVEYARD don’t give a shit about what has happened in the extreme metal scene in the last 15 years, they just focus on the legendary bands that forged in fire the Death Metal signature on the extreme metal music. Acts like ASPHYX, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, FUNEBRE, CELTIC FROST, AUTOPSY, BOLT THROWER or EDGE OF SANITY would be proud to notice about how influential they have been on GRAVEYARD’s development and way of thinking. Death Metal was supposed to be raw, brutal, dark, gloomy and evil. Basically, that’s what GRAVEYARD is about, ¡That’s what REAL Death Metal should be!. DEATHEVOKATION Being around since 2005, California ’s best kept secret DEATHEVOKATION represents the real meaning of Death Metal, the Old School Way . After a few underground releases, DEATHEVOKATION released back in 2007 one of the most solid Ancient Death Metal albums released on the last 15 years, “The Chalices of Ages”, an instant classic. No matter what you think about high class productions, DEATHEVOKATION with its first full length delivered an amazing album with a brilliant production full of mid tempos and dark passages all around. With such a monicker, cult names like CARNAGE or DISMEMBER will come immediately to your mind, but nobody can’t denied how a big influence Death Metal masters like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH or MASSACRE have been as well in the DEATHEVOKATION’s development. Enjoy their brilliant contribution to this Split with GRAVEYARD until they release their second full length!”

First 100 orders gets red vinyl.

Click here to order.

Bone Awl - “Night’s Middle” - 7″ [ANTI-GOTH 119] (Split release with Klaxon Records)

New songs from Bone Awl. Comes packaged in 12 page booklet cover. All copies on black vinyl.

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Persistence in Mourning LP

Released: January '09

First full-length album from Andy Lippoldt AKA Persistence In Mourning, after a couple of EPs and a split 7" with funeral doom legends Worship. The Undead Shall Rise is a concept album on a zombie attack, following our protagonist on fleeing the zombie hordes on the A side (which ends with him being bitten), and deals with his transformation into an undead on the B side. It's a hokey concept, but does it work? YES IT DOES! There's a real soundtrack feel to the record, with funeral doom dirges interspersed with noisey, unsettling moments and fractured spoken word. Reminiscent of doom legends Thergothon on the more "conventional" pieces, but in my opinion the stuff he's doing on this record is a million miles ahead of anyone in the genre right now. It's a very downbeat record and captures the spirit of utter hopelessness and despair (what I can only assume the "zombie" concept is allegory for) perfectly. Features a host of guest musicians (including Ganzmord, M. Warjomaa from Aarni and B.Baphomet from By The Horns) who serve to each stamp their own unique talents onto the music. Proud as hell to be unleashing this on the world, this is one of my favourite At War releases yet.
250 copies, each copy includes a blood-stained "last note" from the album's protagonist.

Más información: in Mourning

Escuchando... The Earth, The Terrible Dark Silence (Persistence in Mourning)

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78 polaroids

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Escuchando... Sons of Catalonia (The Austrasian Goat)

domingo, enero 18, 2009

Christian Rex van Minnen

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Escuchando... The Earth, The Terrible Dark Silence (Persistence in Mourning)

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Escuchando... Clean My Heart (Khanate)

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Merzbow - Camouflage


1. coral reef color with red, pink, purple and green [listen »]
2. transparent man is color with blue and pink [listen »]
3. cicad played under the arch

66:45 CD

Recorded & mixed at Bedroom, Sep-Oct 2007.
Artwork by Masami Akita.
Mastered by Anders Peterson.
Limited edition of 800 copies.
Miniature gatefold lp sleeve packaging.

The elemental excitement for each new Merzbow album remains intact among us here and, after four long years, the undisputable master returns to Essence Music with a new installment of his unique brand of harsh psychedelic noise assault.

A bit distant from Sha Mo 3000’s pulsing, often rhythmic strategies or the recent albums featuring freestyle drums by Masami Akita himself, Camouflage plays by the more straight MERZBOW rules, going back to his comfort zone of audio barbarism.

We salute the ferocious torrents of abused, imploding and exploding electronics, the sharp, pulverizing and abrasive high frequencies and the unrelenting punishment of frenzied throbbing machine-screams witnessed in the controlled cacophonic environment of Camouflage!

Presented in our deluxe, sturdy gatefold mini-LP packaging featuring intriguing psychedelic collages by Mr. Akita. Limited to 800 copies.


MERZBOW - Camouflage
Boxset edition - limited to 149 hand-numbered copies

We also present Camouflage as a totally handmade boxset - hand-painted, rubber stamped and hand assembled - housing the standard edition, a set of 6 cards with intriguing psychedelic collages by Masami Akita, a DTS 5.1 version of the album on CDR - mastered/mixed by Anders Peterson and including an exclusive remix - guaranteed to blow your living room plus, holding the whole set, a painted/stamped fabric bellyband.

The boxes come in two main colors (green and yellow).

A word of warning: The DTS 5.1 disc is compatible with DTS 5.1 systems only. Attempting to play it back on standard stereo systems may damage your speakers.

The price includes s&h via Registered Air Mail to anywhere in the world.

$50.00 postpaid

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Escuchando... Tokyo Electric Guerilla (Richard Pinhas & Merzbow)

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Escuchando... Natural Trouble (KTL)

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Logos musicales, vol. 7

Escuchando... Enchanted Cerebral Forest (Doom Snake Cult)

martes, enero 06, 2009

JeanYves Lemoigne

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Escuchando... Flames Of Hell (Flames Of Hell)

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Escuchando... Indifference (Pearl Jam)