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Lorenzo Mariani

Lorenzo Mariani was born in Italy in 1984 and both art and music have had a great influence on his education, as a matter of fact his works are about the visual relationship between them.

Since he won his first contest when he was 16, he has started to win several prizes continuing the art studies and exhibiting his works.

He's also currently working as graphic designer for mainstream/underground music industry, art galleries and contemporary artists.

Página web: LorenzoMariani.it

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Banks Violette

Artista nacido el año 1973 en Ithaca, Nueva York y que ha expuesta en diversos museos tanto de Estados Unidos como de Europa.

"Violette continues to make work, frequently using collaboration as a springboard for his new installations. Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))) provided the soundtrack for Violette's 2007 double show at Team Gallery and Gladstone Gallery in New York."

Death metal, ritual murder and teenage suicide are starting points for Banks Violette. His work is notable for combining references to excess from youth culture with minimalist form, often using glossy black and ghostly white materials.

According to Violette, the inspiration of the piece was a series of instances of arson committed by rival metal enthusiasts in Norway, which culminated in the 1993 knife murder of Øystein Aarseth, singer of the black metal band Mayhem by Varg Vikernes of the band Burzum.


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Handmade CD Packaging

En el siguiente video se puede ver una muestra del proceso de creación que siguen los discos editados bajo el sello alemán 12rec.net.

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A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory & GBH are being blasted in the background! Played by members from other established underground bands.

El grupo lo forman:
Raul - Guitarra (Moho, Matarife, ...)
Victor - Batería (
Iñaki - Bajo (Moho,
Looking For An Answer, ...)
Dopi - Voz (Machetazo)

Primeras ediciones:
Vintage Adicition - CD & LP [Hells Headbangers]

Listado de temas:
1. Smoke Of Death
2. Wish Of Suffering
3. The End Here And Now
4. Exterminate The Parasite
5. Werewolves On Wheels
6. Pain In The Ass
7. Into The Bong
8. Asmodeus (By My Side)
9. Blessed With Catalepsy
10. Age Of Disgrace
11. Bomb In The Womb
12. Vintage Addiction

Under the sign of the D-beat mark - MCD & MLP [Deathrash Armageddom / Parasitic Records]

También se preveen un par de EP's.

The 13 commandments of DISHAMMER:
1. Must came from down-under, from the darkest hidden and forgotten place in the bottom of your morbid soul.
2. Make your blood boil to maximum levels of radiation all day and night long.
3. Despite any current influence going back to the 80s devouring your old Motšrhead, Bathory, Discharge and Celtic Frost 12"s.
4. Shit on god, on all sacred things, on the christian church, on child-molester priests with their deviated whore nuns.
5. Turn crosses upside down and make pentagrams bleed in your werewolf chest.
6. Focus your anxiety in Satan's coming, in the end of the world, in the stupidity of your miserable and enslaved to the system life.
7. Disturb your mind with tasteful vintage pornography and sexploitation.
8. Sit upon broken glass while you growl and scream.
9. Fill the bong with unholy water and strychnine, then smoke bone ashes together with some sick brown and green.
10. Expect to be buried alive and accept it, prey for catalepsy.
11. Make of Asmodeus, Azazel, Baal, and Astaroth your best friends.
12. Recognize Tura Satana as your one and only goddess, mother, sister and lover.
13. Remember sooner or later you DIE, so live fast you sleazy scumbag motherfucker.

Para escuchar y obtener más información:

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Dan Seagrave

Artista británico nacido en 1971 y que es especialmente conocido por sus portadas para algunos de los álbumes más importantes del Metal (Altars of Madness de Morbid Angel, Left Hand Path de Entombed o Dark Recollections de Carnage).

También a plasmado su trabajo en diseños, pinturas y cortometrajes.

Benediction - Transcend the Rubicon (1993)

Entombed - Clandestine (1991)

Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity (1993)

Pestilence - Testimony of the Ancients (1991)

Página web: DanSeagrave.com
: MySpace.com/DanSeagrave

Más información sobre portadas realizadas
: Wikipedia.org/DanSeagrave

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Joe Wigdahl

Página web: JoeWigdahl.com

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Zombies de jardín

Decorando el jardín con esculturas de muertos vivientes.

Visto en: Shop.com

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Litanies of Sacrilege

Recopilatorio en formato 12" editado por Salva Mauri de Calabozo Records, que incluye temas inéditos de las siguientes bandas de buen Black/Death Metal:

Cara A:
MARTYRVORE (Estados Unidos)
ZYGOATSIS (Tailandia)

Cara B:
GRAVE MIASMA (Inglaterra)

Más información ampliando esta fotografía:

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Discográficas, vol. 2

(Heavy Metal Super Star)

Sello japonés fundado por Yohta Takahashi y que en un principio tenía como objetivo apoyar a la banda de Black/Thrash Metal Sabbat, pero que posteriormente abrió sus puertas a otras bandas de Japón como Abigail o Unholy Grave y también internacionales: Nunslaughter o Impiety.

"Thanks for your long time support to this small but core label. Since we launched up in the year of 1999 as a label, or in 1987 as an underground zine, a plenty of time has passed away and still the metal is in active. We wish this label is standing in a part of hitory.

HMSS was found for supporting Sabbat out of Japan because when we start this action, there were unfortuantelly no domestic indie label which strongly... diehard-ly... and blindly supports the band even Sabbat at that moment was rising up the STARDOM as a national black metal hero in the very far east. We believe what we did through HMSS could get a great benefit onto the scene and many of you are enjoying the Sabbat on time. Ooops, We are very proud that we could get in touch with some able bands beside Sabbat/Gorgon. Unholy Grave, Nunslaughter, Impiety and now Abigail & Voidd. Hope you'll try them, these sweet poisons.

We are sorry that our pricing is much expensive compairing with other labels from Euro/USA. Because we make vinyls in the States, so far away, and we have to spend huge money for transporting, also bank charges are one of the top cost problem for us. And Japan market is very narrow and we can't make more than 100-150. It effects direct to the price.

To make your satisfaction fully enough, we have taken the handmade process in manufacturing the items. We make the T-shirts by ourselves, we make the jackets by ourselves and we make all by ourselves. Please do understand we supply you records with fantasy.

About foreign bands, we are not thinking forward to do new jobs. Because almoast all of the foreign bands who contact us are without own strategy. HMSS is not a cheap label to make your records instantly and sell terribly cheap like air for making small money. Our satisfaction is not at be an underground charisma, but at being a true supporter for maniac FANS. If your band considers well and deep about the future of the scene, we can offer you some space for activities. But we can't help you if you just play bands without strategy. What's your goal ?

We hate alot of indie labels makes cheap die-hard version and collecting money from you. It brings the very end to the scene itself. Say NO to these fake die-hards like color vinyl, small patch, nice looking jacket (There is a company in USA which makes special jackets) etc. That's the reason why we made Sabbat-UUU doLP and Nunslaughter NNN LP. Find yourself what we meant of.

HMSS of 2008 will be never changed. We're keeping going on this local jobs for maniac fans. If you're intend to make money by reselling our items on e-bay, quit yourself from the scene.

Yohta Takahashi"

Además de los anteriormente mencionados, otras de las formaciones que han publicado con HMSS son: Metalucifer, Butcher ABC, Magnesium o Voidd.


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ARENA - Heavy Metal 1989

Documental de finales de los ochenta sobre la música Metal dividido en 6 partes que se puede visionar en YouTube.

Parte 1/6

Lemmy - Motorhead
Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler
Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Ozzy & Geezer
Deep Purple - Black Night
Lars Ulrich
Jimmy Page - Midnight Moonlight/Kashmir
Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times

Parte 2/6

Metallica - Seek & Destroy
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Ozzy Osbourne & Geezer Butler
Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden

Parte 3/6

Slayer - Raining Blood / Tom Araya
Napalm Death - Bill & Shane
Black Mountainside
Jimi Hendrix
Jim Marshall (Marshall Amps)
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden
Motorhead - The Ace Of Spades

Parte 4/6

Bruce Dickinson
Kiss - Donington Soundcheck
Dave Lee Roth
W. Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin
Bruce Dickinson
Jimmy Page - White Summer
Megadeth - Peace Sells... Donnington
Napalm Death
Rock Umeikan Club - Tokyo, Japan

Parte 5/6

Rock Umeikan Club - Tokyo, Japan
Mitch Hale
Rock City, Nottingham
WHAT THE FUCK!?! (2:47) Hahaha
Penny Rushin
Slayer - South Of Heaven
Bill Steer & Shane Embury
Napalm Death

Parte 6/6

Napalm Death
Ozzy Osbourne
Thomas McRocklin
Napalm Death
USURPA - Candle Flame (off the Demo) and a cover version of Sammy Hagar's This Planets on Fire - Live at The Lyric, Dinnington 26/5/1990.
Following The Ultimate Power Metal Band on their European Tour 1990 - First stop Dinnington, Sheffield. Great days!
Pity I had to cut it so short...

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