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martes, junio 28, 2011

No más Repulsion

Repulsion, now calling themselves Type O Negative opening for Biohazard May 3rd 1991.

Peter announces the change from Repulsion to TON at the end of the show: "We're Type O Negative now, we're not "Repulsion" no more, its the name of the week".

lunes, junio 27, 2011


"Fistula will release their new 12" EP, Loser, in September via Patac Records and are streaming said monster-piece below."

"In addition, Fistula will share a split with the mighty Coffinworm, and you can check out a demo for Coffinworm's contribution below as well."

Split 7" Track Demo Preview by coffinworm

Y además de los lanzamientos mencionados, la banda prepara la edición de compartidos con Insult y Kilslug, así como el EP titulado "Worship" o un nuevo larga duración llamado provisionalmente como "The Shape of Doom to Come", aunque tratándose de Fistula todo puede cambiar de un día para otro.

Sludge marino

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Thou en Koper, Eslovenia (21 de Junio, 2011).

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La historia de Amebix

Risen: A History of Amebix

"Labelled punk because no one could think of a better term, Bristols Amebix were genuinely unique. With a fluctuating line-up centered on frontman Rob Miller and guitarist Stig, they made disturbing, aggressive music, designed apocalyptic artwork and presented an intellectual front made up of equal parts philosophy and rebellion. Their history, explored in microscopic detail on this first ever DVD, was chaotic: after two albums, the first released by Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label, the band fell apart, leaving a legacy which the passing years haven't made any easier to explain.

Thanks to Risen, Amebix's tale is now available for public incredulity. Miller, Stig, Biafra and dozens of others explain the depressing facts behind the bands formation in the 70s, their rise to cult status, their collapse and most importantly the complex, strange brew of occult thought and street-level protest which they evolved. Sombre and disturbing at times, this was a band understood by few and rejected by many. Punk followers of a certain age will be cheered by the revelations that Miller is now a world renowned sword-smith in Skye and that the band are about to reform and tour, aided by ex- Soulfly drummer Roy Mayorga. Stranger things have happened, but not many."


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Zebulon Zang

Página web: ZebZang.Blogspot.com

De carácter similar a una web anteriormente mencionada.

Tras la hibernación

Justo diez meses después, el ermitaño sale de su cueva para comprobar si la cuarta guerra mundial ha finalizado y los guerreros termonucleares sobreviven en un mundo devastado.

"Live your life by your will learn to be an animal
by the light of the moon beware the legion of doom"