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"The Aeon of Angelslaying Darkness" 20th anniversary release will be released via Debemur Morti Productions on 24.10.2009 on "Black Flames of Blasphemy" live ritual. The release will be available on LP and CD formats from

The hymns to the Darkness:

Side 1 "The Dawn of the Black Moon"
Tracks 1-6 "Jesus Spawn" demo 1991:
- Intro: Ripping the Wings
- Black Messiah
- Death and Necromancy
- Rise of the Black Moon
- Jesus Spawn
- Angelcunt

Unreleased tracks 7-12 "Hymns to Darkness" LP 1993:
- Invocation
- Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams of Blood...)
- Satanic Oath
- Penis Perversor
- Unholy Semen Hammer
- Angelcunt

Side 2 "The Hymns of the Black Moon"
Tracks 13-19 "Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)" mLP 1992
- Invocation
- Rise of the Black Moon
- Death and Necromancy
- Soulflay
- Black Messiah
- Jesus Spawn
- Outro (The Prophecy)

Tracks 20-21 "Whore of Bethlehem" LP 2006:
- Lord of the Void
- Hammer of Satan

Track 22 "The Light-Devouring Darkness" LP 2009:
- Goat and the Moon

Side 3 "The Tour of the Black Moon"
Tracks 23-32 "Live in Krakow, Poland - 27th October" 2005:
- Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams of Blood...)

- Death and Necromancy
- Penis Perversor
- Soulflay
- Satanic Oath
- Jesus Spawn
- Black Messiah
- Desecration
- Rise of the Black Moon
- Outro

Side 4 "The Light-Devouring Black Moon"
Tracks 33-36 "Live in Houston, TX - 16th July" 2009:
- Invocation

- Apotheosis of Lucifer
- Goat and the Moon
- Whore of Bethlehem

Tracks 37-39 "Live in Helsinki, Finland - 18th November" 2007:
- Lord of the Void
- Dawn of the Black Light
- Hammer of Satan (vocals by Angelslayer & Tomas Stench of Morbosidad)


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Todd Ryan White

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Escuchando... Mount Sinai Moloch (The Ruins Of Beverast)

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Konstantin Vasiliev

Información: Vasiliev
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Severed Ways

Severed Ways - The Norse Discovery Of America
In the 11th century, Vikings, Indians, and Irish monks collide on the shores of North America in an historically unknown epic adventure of exploration, personal glory, and religious dominance. Two stranded Vikings wade through a grand primeval landscape as they struggle for survival while still in the grip of their Norse ways.

Página oficial:

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Archgoat [pósters]

Archgoat - Set Of 7 POSTERS

Set of 7 high quality posters. A2 (420×594mm) size. Printed on 300g paper with silk finish.
(This set will be shipped in a proper mailing tube to avoid folds)

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Fotografías musicales, Vol. 17

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Death Metal

Próximas ediciones de los sellos Morbid Wrath y Necroharmonic:

Interment (Sweden) - Where Death Will Increase - 1991 - 1994 Demography - CD/LP
Crematory (Sweden) - Denial - Discography - CD/LP
Corpse Molestation (Australia) - Holocaust Wolves Of The Apocalypse - Discography - CD
Mastication (Sweden) / Exhumed (Sweden) - Wicked Material Sanity - CD/LP
Traumatic (Sweden) - Discography - CD/LP
Morpheus (Sweden) - Discography - CD/LP
Disma (USA) - 7"EP / Promo Cassette
Funebrarum (USA) - Dormant Hallucinations - CD

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GG "Bobblehead" Allin

Limited Edition Bobblehead

This ghoulish effigy is a striking representation of GG ALLIN circa 1991. The figure, limited to 2000 numbered units, stands at 7 inches tall and is made of a lightweight polyresin. Displayed in a tri-windowed box, here GG is accurately sculpted right down to the tattoos, blood, and filth.



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Government Alpha


GOVERNMENT ALPHA: Resolution Of Remembrance 1992-1999 - 4CD BOX-SET

Classic Japanese Harsh Noise. Deluxe 4CD box-set with a selection of 62 tracks from cassette releases in the years 1992 to 1999, originally on labels like Harbinger Sound, Mother Savage Noise Productions, Hospital Productions, Utsu Tapes, American Tapes and of course Yoshida's own Xerxes imprint. The first CD also includes previously unreleased tracks from 1992/93, showing a more industrial/power-electronics direction.

"An unstoppable natural flow of soundwaves seemingly unfiltered by human presence, as unpredictable a flow as any natural force. Pure Noise, not filtered through, but channelled by the musician. Let me emphasise how happy I am to see this box set being realised. Hopefully it will work as an eye-opener to those who are new to the music of Yasutoshi Yoshida." (from Tommy Carlsson's liner notes).

• 4 CDs of 62 tracks, remastered from the original cassette and DAT-masters by Yasutoshi Yoshida
• Solid box with silver foil printing (similar to the Incapacitants box)
• Each disc packaged in an individual wallet cover
• 24 page booklet with liner notes by Yasutoshi Yoshida and Tommy Carlsson (Segerhuva, Abisko) + a number of graphic collage works Yoshida-san
• CD wallets and booklet printed with UV-varnish for maximum visual colour-climax
• Limited edition of 500 copies

Audio sample:
Price: 37 US $/ 25 EURO + Postage

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Chien-Min Chung


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Parasitic Records [Novedades]

El genial sello discográfico estadounidense Parasitic Records acaba de anunciar sus próximas ediciones.

Durante el mes de Septiembre:

Para Octubre:
LOSS - 10"

A continuación:
DISHAMMER - Under the Sign of the D-beat Mark - MLP
NOOTHGRUSH - Erode the Person - LP


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Escuchando... Casket Contagion (Claws)