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Ancient & Unknown Brutality


1st. Editon: 238 copies worldwide / Silkscreened Cardboard DVD Box / 8-sided Booklet / Numbered Edition

119 COPIES SILVER SILKSCREENED DVD BOX - Only available directly thru us via Paypal & Bank Transfer
119 COPIES RED SILKSCREENED DVD BOX - Only available thru Mailorders, Distros and thru us.

Finally it`s done. It took long time till this release was born. We`re proud to have the mighty Bastard Noise onboard.
This CD contains only sold out, very hard to find and 7!!!!! unreleased tracks. Tons of DAT Tapes were scanned to find
the right stuff. The 1st. Edition will be limited to 239 copies worldwide. The 2nd. Edition will have a different packaging. Thx!

......T R A C K L I ST..........................................................
01. ANOTHER MASK - from the Personasnongratas / Bastard Noise 7" split e.p.
02. DECEMBER 26TH - from the Release Your Mind Volume Two triple c.d. v/a compilation
03. GALACTIC MINING COMPANY - from the Nation of Hate / Bastard Noise split 7" e.p.
04. 50 AMP ELECTRODE SHOWER - from the Nation of Hate / Bastard Noise split 7" e.p.
05. THE INFILTRAITOR - from the Nation of Hate / Bastard Noise split 7" e.p.
06. EARNED EXTINCTION - Bizarre Uproar/BN collabo from the BN / Spastic Colon spilt c.d.
07. MERCURY FLATS - from the Freak Animal #10 fanzine + 7" compilation e.p. release
08. THANK YOU ENID - from the Freak Animal #10 fanzine + 7" compilation e.p. release
09. MARTIAN SANITARIUM - unreleased
10. HYDRATION PRAYER - unreleased
11. SENTENCED / THE HR 2202 CHRONICLES - unreleased
13. DISNEYLAND VALUES - unreleased Bizarre Uproar / Bastard Noise collaboration
15. ISOTOPE SIREN - unreleased

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Even If You Don't


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Glyn Scrawled


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Corrupted en Suiza

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Corrupted en París

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Metal, fotografía y diseño gráfico en: Sect Metastazis

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Come To Grief

GRIEF - Come To Grief

Probably the album that started it all. A better choice to start this new era of Throne with? Probably not...
This album is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L
First vinyl pressing ever (CD was released more than a decade ago by Century Media Rcs, out of stock since years ago)
This release was done in full cooperation with the band members
All artwork is laser-scanned from the original canvas
Comes with an unreleased song that was initially intended for a film's soundtrack that never happened
This release is already at the pressing plant while typing this
Release date is scheduled due for the GRIEF EUROPEAN TOUR
14th NOVEMBER 08 >>> 6th DECEMBER 08

Featurements of GRIEF "come to grief" 2x12" LP album:
[ ] One unreleased bonus track only available on this vinyl release
[ ] Deluxe 8mm-spine gatefold sleeve, full color printed over inside-out cardboard
[ ] 12" width x 24" height size fold out poster, full color printed over recycled paper
[ ] Black inked inner paper bags for the vinyls
[ ] Full color printed inner labels
[ ] Outer plastic sleeve
[ ] 222 pieces pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl - solid black
[ ] 222 pieces pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl - solid orange
[ ] 222 pieces pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl - splatter blue

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Ruined (Grief)

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Dan Hillier

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The Archive

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Cult Metal

Página web ya comentada anteriormente y que después de un tiempo siendo remodelada vuelve con nuevo diseño y características.

Una de sus novedades es la posibilidad de añadir cassettes, fanzines y camisetas además de los vinilos en todos sus formatos.


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Activités Graphiques

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