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War Cult Supremacy

On the second half of the nineties there was a gap which would end up becoming a void in terms of authenticity and savagery regarding the Black Death underground. The hangover of the late eighties and the first part of the last decade of the century, led to an uncertain period of upsetting creative drought which was meant to be broken with a revulsive abomination in terms of audio warfare and mayhem.

The conjunction of the overloaded apocalyptic scope and aberrant conception of R. Förster and J. Read, was translated on the low profile discography of Conqueror whose only album “War Cult Supremacy”, was the bursting flame thrower that set the scene on fire, initiating an unstoppable chain reaction whose echoes survive up to this day. Undoubtedly, it was because of them when and why the term War Metal was moulded by some, while Bestial Black Death was the keyword shaped among others. Despite of definitions and stylistic tags, Conqueror viciously brought into the spotlight the rigors of desecration and inhumaties early envisoned by Blasphemy and the Ross Bay Cult, and carried them one step forward based on their own philosophy of the path of Superion

Down With The Most High unleashes the definitive Conqueror merchandise tribute piece, releasing an ood oversized 21 cm emrbroidered patch, showing the defiant skull of “War Cult Supremacy” on all its elitism. White mate and dark grey thread embroidery over a synthetic leather background, round this one of a kind shield, strictly limited to 100 units.


Price is 17,00 euros per piece + postage. Shippings rates are:

- Europe ordinary airmail: 1,40 euros
- Europe registered airmail: 3,70 euros

- Overseas ordinary airmail: 1,80 euros
- Overseas registered airmail: 4,10 euros

If ordering more than one patch, please ask for exact postage rates.


Forms of payment accepted are Paypal (downwiththemosthigh@yahoo.es), bank transfer (ask for details) and well hidden cash (at your very own risk).

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