martes, enero 19, 2010

Merzbow - 13 Japanese Birds

Much like the flagship release in this 13 month/13 cd series Masami Akita, herein known as Merzbow, returns to his drumset to accompany his complex analogue noise. His prowess as a drummer rivals his abilities as a noise artist making this an essential and exciting entry into the Merzbow cannon.

Merzbow's 13 Japanese Birds is a 13 month/13 CD set that begins January 2009 and ends February 2010. These are pressed in a limited edition of 1000 and once they are sold out they will not be repressed. This series was inspired by Olivier Messaien's Catalogue D'Oiseaux.

These are hand crafted, numbered, screen printed and constructed of organic imported Moso bamboo. The box holds all 13 cds and they are painstakingly crafted, one a day, by a Massachusetts craftsman. When your box is ready we will ship it to you along with your CD for the month. Boxes will ship in the chronological order in which they are purchased. We expect to ship about 30 a month. Click on the image to view the assembly/materials slide show.

With the purchase of a bamboo box you have the option of including an original acrylic on bamboo painting by Masami Akita (Merzbow). His work can be seen on the cover of the LP released via Important titled Minazo 2. It's a little known fact that Masami Akita studied painting at Tamagawa University in Japan and has continued to produce paintings. These paintings are not available without the purchase of a bamboo box.


Escuchando... Resurrection (Merzbow)

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Joder, estás colgao :-)
La caja es impresionante pero es un estacazo muy serio al bolsillo.

En cualquier caso, enhorabuena, es una auténtica joya ya por sí sola.