jueves, diciembre 31, 2009

DsO · Picture LPs Boxset

DEATHSPELL OMEGA - Vinyl Box - 5x Picture LP
Complete pic LP box set include all the old Deathspell Omega. 1st album, 2nd album, Manifestations 2000-2001 (with splits with Mutiilation and Moonblood and comp track), Manifestation 2002, and material from split LP with Clandestine Blaze. New artwork in some of the discs, A1 poster, nice sturdy good quality box. For those who don´t want to spend fortunes on original rare vinyl, this is substitute for decent price!

De venta en:
Northern Heritage
Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Undercover Records


Metal-Archives.com/Deathspell Omega
Wikipedia.org/Deathspell Omega

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