miércoles, junio 03, 2009

Blood Fountains

The Blood Fountains is a musical component/outlet created by, and connected to Stephen Kasner and his artworks. Blood Fountains is an aetherial Mutual Admiration Society of artists and musicians to collaborate on ideas and images translated into musical concepts. There are no rules here. Much of the recordings are free-form improvisation, fueled by pure emotional exploration, and initiated in the idea of transforming images into sound -a soundtrack extension of painting.

The first release, published by Circadia Records, will be a 10" album as part of the limited edition versions of Stephen Kasner, WORKS: 1993-2006. This 160 page compendium of the paintings and drawings of Stephen Kasner covers thirteen years of the artist's development and exploration. The album will be available as part of both the book's slipcase and master editions, signed and numbered in silver and gold silkscreened sleeves.

These collaborations will be continuous, ongoing, and ever-evolving in the simple and kind effort to reach outward, upward, and in many cases, downward.

Blood Fountains, Moving Mountain
Filmed in Belgium by Dwid Hellion, Tine Guns, Ture and SVH, 2008/9.


Escuchando... Monstrance (Thou)

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