jueves, enero 22, 2009

Persistence in Mourning LP

Released: January '09

First full-length album from Andy Lippoldt AKA Persistence In Mourning, after a couple of EPs and a split 7" with funeral doom legends Worship. The Undead Shall Rise is a concept album on a zombie attack, following our protagonist on fleeing the zombie hordes on the A side (which ends with him being bitten), and deals with his transformation into an undead on the B side. It's a hokey concept, but does it work? YES IT DOES! There's a real soundtrack feel to the record, with funeral doom dirges interspersed with noisey, unsettling moments and fractured spoken word. Reminiscent of doom legends Thergothon on the more "conventional" pieces, but in my opinion the stuff he's doing on this record is a million miles ahead of anyone in the genre right now. It's a very downbeat record and captures the spirit of utter hopelessness and despair (what I can only assume the "zombie" concept is allegory for) perfectly. Features a host of guest musicians (including Ganzmord, M. Warjomaa from Aarni and B.Baphomet from By The Horns) who serve to each stamp their own unique talents onto the music. Proud as hell to be unleashing this on the world, this is one of my favourite At War releases yet.
250 copies, each copy includes a blood-stained "last note" from the album's protagonist.

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