viernes, diciembre 19, 2008

Piano & Stump

The Austrasian Goat - Piano & Stump - 2xLP

French one-man project The Austrasian Goat will compile old cd-r and 7”-tracks on Piano & Stump for a double vinyl album out now on Roadburn Records side-label Burning World Records (home to Machinefabriek, Gnaw Their Tongues and Universe217). Included are also some news songs that TAG recorded in the autumn of 2008.

Earlier praise for The Austrasian Goat:

“Named after a now-obscure Dark Ages territory once existing in Central Europe, France’s one-man doom act The Austrasian Goat delivers some seriously haunting and murky blackened ritual musik on his outstanding debut full-length. The creeping filthy guitar lines and cavernous plodding drums are accented nicely by beautifully subtle swaths of keyboard ambience and sole-member Julien Louvet’s rasped shriek, all coming together to create a simply crushing piece album.

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