miércoles, septiembre 03, 2008


Dos nuevas ediciones de sonidos lentos y pesados:


- Producido por Jeff Shirilla (Abdullah) and Big Metal Dave (Soulless)
- Artwork: Scott Stearns. www.StearnsDog.com


Pre-pedidos en Gaia Records: NoMuzak.com/GaiaRecords

MOSS - Chtonic Rites - Cassette

Delayed by about 3 years, it's finally here.

New crushing master tweaked especially for tape. With minimal new artwork/layout by TJ Barber, and a stream of unconciousness by Seldon Hunt. 300 copies, the only US pressing of this album.

Available for pre-order now by using the contact details at RottingChapel.com

Pre-orders will recieve Hellhammer demos style interview sheet, logo button, and silk screened patch. Not sure to how many these are limited to. Pre-order lasts until the 5th.

Escuchando... Dies Easily and Bleeds Well / Police Bastard (RawRadarWar)

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