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A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory & GBH are being blasted in the background! Played by members from other established underground bands.

El grupo lo forman:
Raul - Guitarra (Moho, Matarife, ...)
Victor - Batería (
Iñaki - Bajo (Moho,
Looking For An Answer, ...)
Dopi - Voz (Machetazo)

Primeras ediciones:
Vintage Adicition - CD & LP [Hells Headbangers]

Listado de temas:
1. Smoke Of Death
2. Wish Of Suffering
3. The End Here And Now
4. Exterminate The Parasite
5. Werewolves On Wheels
6. Pain In The Ass
7. Into The Bong
8. Asmodeus (By My Side)
9. Blessed With Catalepsy
10. Age Of Disgrace
11. Bomb In The Womb
12. Vintage Addiction

Under the sign of the D-beat mark - MCD & MLP [Deathrash Armageddom / Parasitic Records]

También se preveen un par de EP's.

The 13 commandments of DISHAMMER:
1. Must came from down-under, from the darkest hidden and forgotten place in the bottom of your morbid soul.
2. Make your blood boil to maximum levels of radiation all day and night long.
3. Despite any current influence going back to the 80s devouring your old Motšrhead, Bathory, Discharge and Celtic Frost 12"s.
4. Shit on god, on all sacred things, on the christian church, on child-molester priests with their deviated whore nuns.
5. Turn crosses upside down and make pentagrams bleed in your werewolf chest.
6. Focus your anxiety in Satan's coming, in the end of the world, in the stupidity of your miserable and enslaved to the system life.
7. Disturb your mind with tasteful vintage pornography and sexploitation.
8. Sit upon broken glass while you growl and scream.
9. Fill the bong with unholy water and strychnine, then smoke bone ashes together with some sick brown and green.
10. Expect to be buried alive and accept it, prey for catalepsy.
11. Make of Asmodeus, Azazel, Baal, and Astaroth your best friends.
12. Recognize Tura Satana as your one and only goddess, mother, sister and lover.
13. Remember sooner or later you DIE, so live fast you sleazy scumbag motherfucker.

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