domingo, junio 08, 2008

Discográficas, vol. 1


Discográfica independiente creada por el estadounidense Scott Slimm y que lleva publicando una serie de excelentes trabajos relacionados con la electrónica y el rock experimental desde hace ya unos cuatro años.

"For the past 17 years or so I've been an avid collector and fan of live and obscure audio. I started out mostly with old hardcore, punk, and metal, but over the years through certian "bridge" artists my interests have grown to include many different styles and types of music. About five years ago, mostly due to being annoyed that i couldn't get decent quality recordings of the bands i liked, I purchased some recording gear. I've been consistently upgrading mics and recording decks over that time and have amassed a pretty sizable collection of DATs. The Main purpose of aRCHIVE is to release small run CD's from this collection. I'd like to think that this would offer some form of documentation so that notable performances become something that exist beyond just the night they took place. All releases will be authorized by artist, so these will not be bootlegs. My hope is that all the releases will be thought of as high quality for audio content, aesthetic, and design."

Entre algunos de los grupos publicados se encuentran Earth, Khanate, LSD March, Boris, Nadja, Sunn O))) o Bardo Pond entre otros tantos.


Escuchando... In Brooklyn After Dark (Religious Knives)

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