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We are going to be offering a LIMITED PACKAGE DEAL from DECEMBER 1st to DECEMBER 13th ONLY! For just $20, here is what you will get:

1. 'Beyond The Cursed Tombs' CD
2. 'Beyond The Cursed Tombs' T-Shirt (ANY size you want! Small to 5XL. XXL and above will be a couple extra bucks)
3. Bonus CD - 150 Copies Pressed
4. Decrepitaph/Meathole Infection Split 7" (first 50 orders will get RED vinyl!)
5. Three Decrepitaph Vinyl Stickers (or maybe more)

That is a LOT of stuff for a VERY low price of just $20!!!!!! Now, we will be taking PRE-ORDERS on this for 2 weeks only!!! After that, the shirts will be $15, the split 7" will be $6, the CD will be $10, and so on.

This whole package deal will ship out when the 'Beyond The Cursed Tombs' is officially released on RAZORBACK RECORDS. There is no exact release date, but expect it in January at some time. We will have EVERYTHING in stock before then, and the day the new CD is released, we will ship out ALL the pre-orders. So, you'll be waiting a month to get everything from the time you order, but you are getting an INCREDIBLE deal!!!!

The red vinyls from the split 7" will be given out as part of the package deal only. If you just want the 7", you'll get the black vinyl. There is a link up on our webpage if you JUST want the vinyl as well.

So, if you would like to take advantage of this LIMITED TIME OFFER, please go to our website and click on the package deal on the top of the page. The page only says CD and shirt, but this deal WILL include the BONUS CD, SPLIT 7", AND STICKERS!!!


Thanks to everyone for the support and we hope you enjoy us "giving back" to the fans with this incredible deal!!!

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